Wedding Wish Makers

About Us

Our Story

 In 2011 whilst working as a Catering & Events Manager Suzanne Stevenson received an email from a man who's partner was terminally ill and they were due to be married in 5 weeks time. The couple didn't have catering for their wedding guests. Suzanne was delighted to help and provided the catering for the wedding. That email really touched Suzanne, so much so Suzanne wanted to volunteer with a charity that helps terminally ill people get married, there was nothing she could find in the whole of Scotland, she vowed one day she would set up a charitable organisation to provide this.

Life was crazy busy, running a business and juggling her family, she never quite found the time to set one up, but it was always a thought at the back of her mind.

Suzanne volunteered for several charities and hosted numerous charity events, from coffee mornings, fundraisers, race nights and charity balls, but the that desire to set up a wedding charity didn't go away.

January 2020, Suzanne was tagged in a post on social media by her neighbour and friend Lauren Roy Sutherland. The post was similar to the email Suzanne received before, a terminally ill bride to be requesting help from suppliers to help her get married urgently. The support from local businesses and members of the public rallying round to make this possible was overwhelming.

"If ever I was waiting for a sign this was it"

Suzanne approached Lauren for advice on how to make this happen, Lauren is the Chairperson of The Renfrewshire Christmas Toy Bank so has experience of setting up and running a non profit organisation.

Suzanne was blown away with Lauren's passion, knowledge and advice, she knew she needed to have her onboard.

Another member for the management committee was requires to make the organisation possible. Suzanne knew instantly who she wanted onboard a friend and business associate, Angela

Angela has been in the wedding industry for many years, she was also involved in many of Suzanne's charity events, so there was no question, she needed Angela onboard also.

"The three of us put our heads together and Wedding Wish Makers was born"

Our Team

Suzanne Stevenson

Founder & Chairperson

Suzanne has been in the wedding industry 12 years and currently works as a wedding and event planner, alongside volunteering at Wedding Wish Makers.

Suzanne been involved with numerous charity’s over the last 10 years from volunteering to raising funds by hosting charity balls, coffee mornings and race nights to name a few. 

Yes she  like to keep busy!

Suzanne is married to John and have three beautiful kids.

When asked what her  hobbies are Suzanne replied "Eating cake or spooning Nutella out a the jar"

 Suzanne is known to all my friends as a feeder!


Lauren Roy-Sutherland


 Lauren changed career and became a nail technician after having my two beautiful young children. 

Before having a family Lauren was a store manager for a large retail company.

Lauren is the founder of the Renfrewshire Christmas Toy Bank. Suzanne approached Lauren to help out with Wedding Wish Makers because of her experience with the toy bank. "I was absolutely honoured to be a part of it"

Like Suzanne, Lauren also loves cake however she is trying to be good for her lovely friends up coming wedding. So we think Suzanne may not be the best influence on Lauren right now!